How MTC Tracker records work updates ?

MTC ERP CRMNewsHow MTC Tracker records work updates ?

MyTeamconnector Job Tracker provides you a solution by which you can easily create jobs, assign jobs to the employee, track your employee’s work status and evaluate your employee’s performance.

MyTeamconnector Job Tracker has an amazing feature by which you can track the work status of the assigned jobs. There are three kinds of reports namely red dot, orange dot and green dot report. Once a job is created, it will be shown under Red Dot report of the assigned employee until he checks in into the job.Once the employee checks in into the job, the job status will change to visiting and will be listed under Orange Dot report of the assigned employee.

After the completion of the job, the employee can upload some images, audio and video files of the job location and checks out of the job.  Henceforth the job will be listed under Green Dot Report which signifies that the  job is completed.

So from these three reports you can easily have a knowledge of the current work status of the assigned jobs. You will also get to know the number of jobs that are yet to be performed and can take action for immediate completion of the jobs.

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