MTC Job Tracker and CRM goes hand in hand

MTC ERP CRMNewsMTC Job Tracker and CRM goes hand in hand

MyTeamconnector always leads to improvisation to provide you a better and a more user friendly solution, a way to achieve more and fulfill all your needs and beyond.

MyTeamconnector Job Tracker provides you a customisation. If you are already using our MyTeamconnector CRM or using any other customer management tool, we can integrate it with our MyTeamconnector Job Tracker, according to your need. So no need to add same customers, upload customer related documents etc. in CRM and Job tracker separately. We are providing an improvisation by which if you are adding any customers, any documents in the Job Tracker it will be automatically added up in your customer management tool, saving your precious time from doing the same job twice.  Hence you can follow up with the customers of the Job Tracker from your customer management tool easily.

Hence in a more advanced and enriched way you can of handle your customers as well as allocating and managing jobs for them. In short and a more precise way MyTeamconnector is basically providing a 360 degree enterprise solution for your business.

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