Why we use Job Tracker?

MTC ERP CRMTechnologyWhy we use Job Tracker?

Job Tracker is an end-to-end business management system for your field service company. The software handles everything from customer relationship management, allocating jobs, job tracking and a whole lot more.

  • Service companies have a lot of customers for whom they are performing the jobs. For eg: Suppose a person purchases a renowned brand’s refrigerator. So that brand company obviously does not have just one customer, it is expected to have thousands of customers. So here comes Job Tracker, which helps the brand to manage their customers in an efficient way.
  • For Serving the customers, the service company needs a proper information of their employee list. So this can be done easily by adding the employees of the company with the help of Job Tracker.
  • Allocation of customer jobs to the employee can be achieved by Job tracker.
  • Now if a customer is facing any issue for the product he or she has purchased or it needs any kind of servicing or software installation, the Job Tracker will help that service company to serve the customer and resolve their issues, building a good customer relationship.
  • Job Tracker not only helps in customer service but there is a sales point of view too. Sales can also be achieved with the help of Job Tracker. For eg: People ordering for products online are delivered to their door steps. Now in this scenario the product company can use Job Tracker to assign product delivery jobs and collection of money to the their employee.
  • Tracking of the employee’s activity in real time can be done with the help of Job Tracker. Whether the employee is in the job location and performing his job in reality or just lying to the company can be tracked easily with the GPS tracker of Job Tracker app installed on the employee’s phone easily.
  • Companies can keep an eye on the job status, whether the job is completed by the employee on job site or in progress or yet to begin.
  • The employee’s performance report can also be evaluated with the help of Job Tracker.
  • Job Tracker helps the companies to calculate  the profit or loss percent for sales visits or sales kinds of jobs.
  • Job scheduling can also be achieved with Job Tracker.

So we can see Job Tracker helps the companies in managing customer relationships, allocating jobs to the employees, getting job status, evaluating employee’s performance and many more to go.

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